2017 Visiting Ship

Navy Ship USS FARRAGUT (DDG 99) to participate in Bristol’s 232nd Independence Day Celebration

USS FARRAGUT (DDG 99) “Prepared for Battle”

USS FARRAGUT, commanded by Commander Meghan A. Thomas, will be in town for the July 4th Celebration. The ship is expected to participate in the Bristol’s 232nd Fourth of July Parade.

The FARRAGUT is an Arleigh Burke Class guided missile destroyer fitted with the latest technology to fulfill any assigned offensive or defensive tasking. Commissioned on June 10, 2006 she is named in honor of the US Navy’s first Admiral, David Glasgow Farragut and is the 5th ship to bear his name.

Built by the General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine, the ship has a length of 510’, a beam of 66’, a draft of 31’ with a displacement of 9300 tons. Powered by 4 Marine gas powered engines generating an output of up to 100,000 horsepower, she is capable of speeds in of 30 knots. Her weaponry includes an Aegis Weapons System, 5”/ 62 caliber gun mount and various torpedo and missile launching systems. “FARRAGUT’S Combat System is the most technologically advanced in the world, capable of projecting power both at sea and ashore with precise and lethal accuracy.

Despite the state-of-the art technology found aboard FARRAGUT, it is the ship’s crew that makes it the finest ship in the fleet. The men and women of FARRGUT are highly trained, highly motivated professionals committed to excellence and devoted to serving their country”

Past Visiting Ships

Each Celebration the 4th of July Committee requests a visiting ship from the U.S. Navy.

Thank you to each for their service to our Country!