Individual Donations for 2017


The Bristol Fourth of July Committee would like to thank all of the many sponsors and donations. Our Celebration continues for this, our 232nd continuous year, because of your support If you are interested in donating the Celebration, please feel free to contact Dick Devault.


Thank You!


Platinum – $200+

Herculano S. (“Okie”) (CM ’16) and Donna M. (General Chairman 2016-2017) Falcoa

Congratulations and Best Wishes to this year’s Chief Marshals, Gail Parella and

     Lisa Sienkiewicz.  We are looking forward to sharing this year’s festivities with

     the both of you and your families.  Let the celebration begin!

Joan C. Prescott

Thanks for making this unique event so memorable!  Congrats to Gail and Lisa.

Heidi Monroe

Pam Lenehan & Larry Geuss

Happy July 4th

Gayl and Dudley Hallagan

Thank you Bristol!!  Happy Birthday, America!!  Support our Troops, Police and Fire!!

Patricia Enright & Frank Grunberg

We Bristol!


Platinum – $100+

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Avila, Jr.

God Bless all of you.  Keep up the Good Work.

Doris Oberbeck

Michael T. Byrnes

Happy 4th

Louis P. (CM – 13) & Susan E. Cirillo

In Memory of Louis J. “Chi-Chi” Cirillo – He loved the Fourth.

Paul & Paula Ferreira

Happy 232nd Celebration!  Love Bristol – Paul and Paula

Tony & Jackie Teixeira

Happy & Safe 4th of July to all.

Kevin Jordan

Betty & Joseph Brito, Jr.

As a community, we are blessed to have such devoted civic volunteers!

George Lima Funeral Home

Susan & David Hibbitt

Edward & Rachel Castro

Happy 4th of July, ad congratulations to our new Chief Marshals Gail Parella

     and Lisa Sienkiewicz.

Robert P. O’Connell

Jane P. Castro

In memory of Past Chairman, Francis N. Perry – 1959-1960

Ursillo, Teitz & Ritch, Ltd.

John G. Rego & Gloria J. Rego

Marcia Bosworth

A Tradition to be Proud of!

Michael Rossi & April Carleton

Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Caruso

Happy Fourth of July to all.

A.N. Nunes Agency Inc.

Reba Rebekah Lodge No. 12

Dr. and Mrs. William F. Bundy

Pat Romano

Jim & Anne Welch

Happy 4th of July!

Columban Fathers

“In God we trust.”

Joan & Richard Abrams

Congratulations – Joan & Rich Abrams

Joan Doyle Roth

In memory of M. Theresa Donovan (CM ’57) from niece Joan Doyle Roth (CM ’86).

     With Love.

Robert C. & Linda C. Arruda

Our country tis of thee – of thee we sing!

Skip & Lori Castro

Happy Fourth to Mom & Dad.

Joseph R. Perroni

Herbie Moitoso

Great choice for Chief Marshals, Lisa & Gail.  Happy Fourth to All.

Cynthia M. Alves

Paul & Maryann Salesi

Let Freedom Ring – Happy 4th

Roger P. Belmore

Happy Fourth to All.  Roger and the late Ollie Belmore

Bob Rondeau

Keep up the great work!

Jean & Cynthia Larson

MaryKae Wright

Gold – $50+

Zane & Carole Anderson

Bennett and Charlotte Burnham

In honor of Eliza, Tom, Claire, and Nick

Hector & Shirley Massa

“Stars and Stripes Forever”

Ollie & Donna Poissant

Happy & Safe 4th

George & Haven Miles

Joseph Moniz

Happy Fourth

Ocean Massage

Happy 4th of July!

John & Edna Greene

Sara Jane Soboleski

Happy 4th of July to all my family & friends near & far.

     Sara Jane and Vinny Soboleski

Ann Marie Conklin

Thanks for all your hard work!  Happy Fourth.

Vivian & Louis Lombardi

Happy Birthday, America.

Sandy & Jeanette Matrone

Congratulations & best wishes to the 2017 Chief Marshals.


Capt. Peter & Eileen Hewett, JAGC, USN (ret)

As Always – Well Done.  May God bless our USA.

Jerome & Mary Squatrito

Deodete R. Pacheco

John Andrade Insurance Agency, Inc.

Jay-El Trophies & Awards, Inc.

Councilman Edward P. Stuart, Jr.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Cliff & Kathy McGovern

Evelyn Lemaire Lamoureux

Enjoy your Freedom, always remembering their high purchase price, then

     and now.  Evelyn Lemaire Lamoureux – 1st Miss 4th of July, 1948

Dick & Betty Usher

Our Lord’s Blessings for Our Bristol 4th of July.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Serpa

Good Health & Happiness to All.

Joseph & Joan Janario

Jackie & Ron Armillotto

Bob & Donna McKenna

Happy 4th of July!

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Scanlan

Congrats and best wishes to the wonderful sisters.

Susan and Stephen Terhune

The BEST day of the YEAR!

David Silvia

In Memory of Arthur and Lucy Silvia

Silver – $30+

Sandra Andrade

Joseph Caromile

Betty & Edwin Weston

Oliver Insurance Agency, Inc.,

Martha Costa

Ginny Harrsch

Pat Guida-Salisbury

In memory of Pat & Sadie Guida who loved Bristol & the 4th of July.

     Thank you 4th of July Committee for all you do.

Mary & Joseph Lero

Congratulations Lisa & Gail.  A well-deserved honor!

Paul & Pam Bishop

Mrs. Ronald Gladue

“Happy Fourth of July!”

Joann & Earl Hazen

Bristol County Lions

Bristol County Lions “We Serve”

Eleanor C. McGinn

Marguerite Gaglio

John P. Bergmark


Bill & Anna Conley