2013 Chief Marshal

Meet the Chief Marshal for the 228th 4th of July Celebration

Louis P. Cirillo

Last year I pointed out that there are many people who warrant selection as Chief Marshal. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately I will not be General Chairman enough years to have the honor of selecting them all.

This year I invited an individual whose commitment and service to the community is extensive and well known. In my experience he exhibits one of my favorite management approaches; the answer is yes, what is the question. That is, he is always willing and ready to assist if it is all possible.

While in Florida swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, supporting Red Sox Spring training, as I blocked out the Yankees, I considered how I could introduce the 228th Chief Marshal without all knowing within a few sentences. You probably know already.

The 228th Celebration Chief Marshal has traveled to many places in the world for both business and pleasure and declares adamantly that he would never wish to live anywhere but in Bristol. He has spent all of his life and most of his career in this town and has lived, more-or-less, in an area encompassing just a few blocks his entire life. He is a sixth generation Bristolian whose great-great-great grandfather served in the Civil War from Bristol and whose name, James Lowery, is listed on the stone plaque in this room.

He entered kindergarten in Oliver School for the morning session in September of 1958 with Louise Ruggiero Hunter as his teacher, and about 1963, as an altar boy, was taught to speak Latin by Father Francis Fiorentin. He attended YMCA day camp on Hog Island and lists one of his biggest disappointments as learning that Hog Island is part of Portsmouth and not Bristol. He was a member of Bristol Boy Scout Troop 5 and has served as local fundraising chairman for the Narragansett Council for the past four years

He remembers his first job as filling egg cartons in his grandparent’s grocery market at age five, and for twenty-five years made his living at a Bristol-based company in manufacturing, customer service, and marketing, and finally as the manager of a world-renowned Bristol-originated product line; responsible for its marketing and product application development in the United States around the globe.

His family owns a house on the Fourth of July parade route and has entertained scores of out of town guests, every year for our annual parade, since the 1950s.

He was first elected in public office in November of 1982, and counts among the most gratifying accomplishments occurring during his tenure; the establishment of the Town’s paramedic program, the hiring of a full-time professional fire chief, and the purchase of the land on Bristol Harbor now known as Walley Park

He has read nearly everything that has been written about Bristol and has presented speaking programs about our Town’s history for over thirty years. One humorous program entitled “Bristol’s Unique” appeared all over the State on cable television. He has been a frequent public speaker and delivered the firemen’s memorial address in 1985 and 2005, the Bristol Memorial Day address in 2007, and was 4th of July Interfaith speaker in 2008. A very moving line from that speech is quoted in the recently published “The Faces of Bristol’s Spirit.” A prolific writer, he was a principal contributor to Bristol, Three Hundred Years in 1980, authored numerous articles appearing in the East Bay Newspapers, and was a regular columnist for the now-defunct East Bay Living magazine. His publication entitled “Learning about Bristol” has been provided by him to our public schools to teach third and fourth graders about our Town for the past eleven years.

The 228th Celebration Chief Marshal is in his ninth year at his current job and earned it in one of the closest elections in recent Bristol history; winning his seat by a mere 38 votes. Since that time he has run unopposed and has been reelected four times.

He has been married to Susan, his best friend, for over forty years, and the couple has one son, William and one grandson Brendan.

His present job titles include, Registrar of Vital Records, Recorder of Deeds, Custodian of the Town Seal, Clerk of the Board of Canvassers, Clerk/Magistrate of the Municipal Court, Clerk of the Probate Court, Clerk of the Board of Licensing, and Town Council Clerk.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor and privilege for me to introduce the 2013 Bristol 4th of July Celebration Chief Marshal, Louis P. Cirillo.


Chief of Staff

Susan E. Cirillo

Honorary Chief of Staff

Louis J. Cirillo

Chief Aides

Paul A. Cirillo, Sr.
William D. Cirillo
Norma Cirillo Floyd

Junior Chief Aides

Brendan William Cirillo

Military Aides

CW3 Joseph P. Alfano
Capt. Anthony Bisbano, Jr. (Posthumous)
1st Sgt. Richard Enos
MG Kevin R. McBride –
Adjutant General

Honorary Military Aides

Louis P. Alfano, Jr.
Ralph E. Cirillo
Joseph R. Medeiros

Civilian Aides

Charles Alexandre
Denise Asciola
John Balzano
David Barboza
Albert Benevides
Charlotte Burnham
H. Bennett Burnham
Sarah Caizzi
Matthew Calderiso
Josue Canario
Thomas Carroll
Jane Centazzo
Armand Centazzo
Bryan Cirillo
Courtney Cirillo
Ligia Cirillo
Paul Cirillo, Jr.
Julie Coelho
Barbara Contente
Ilidio Contente
Jose DaSilva
Nancy Davis
John Day
Janet DeMatos
Manuel DeMatos
Dana Dempsey
Renee Dempsey
Lorraine Derois
Stan Dimock
K. Brewer Doran
Jack Duff
John Faria
Jim Galuska
Julie Goucher
Lindsay Green
Michael Grilli
Michael Hoffman
Kevin Jordan

Civilian Aides

Linda Jordan
Ann Leary
William Leary
Diane Lusignan
James Lusignan
Megan Lusignan
Benjamin Lusignan
Beth Marshall
Robert Martin
Michele Martins
Diane Mederos
Terri Messa
Anthony Messa
Charles Millard
Mary Millard
Sara Morrison
Laurie Mulgrew
Dee-Ann Netto
Frances O’Donnell
Daniel Ortiz
Lombard Pozzi
Susan Proto
Michael Rielly
Derry Riding
Jayson Rogers
Melissa Salvaggio
Joseph Salema
Jo-Ann Simmons
Steven Skuba
Michael Smith
Evelyn Spagnolo
Sandrea Speroni
Lee Ann Sylvia
Andrew Teitz
Michael Ursillo
Jennifer Walsh
John White
Victoria White
Diane Williamson