2012 Patriotic Speaker

Meet the Patriotic Speaker for the 227th Fourth of July Celebration

Ira C. Magaziner

William J. Clinton Foundation
During its ten years of existence, CHAI, working with governments and other partners, has played a significant role in the scale up of AIDS care and treatment around the world.

  • CHAI has negotiated dozens of agreements that lowered the prices of AIDS drugs and diagnostic tests by 50-90% making treatment more affordable. The lower priced drugs associated with these agreements now are used in treating almost five million people in over 60 countries.
  • CHAI has assisted thirty four governments in developing and implementing scale- up plans for aids care and treatment, training doctors and nurses, upgrading health clinics and laboratories, establishing supply chains for drugs and tests and strengthening government health departments
  • CHAI has successfully implemented programs to reduce the transmission of HIV from mothers to children in several countries, cutting rates of transmission in half.

Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) CCI has partnered with 40 of the largest cities in the world to introduce new energy savings technologies and with national governments to protect forests and deploy large scale solar power around the world.

  • CCI has worked with the city of Los Angeles to implement the world’s first large scale deployment of LED street lights, saving over 70% on energy usage. It is now working with a dozen other cities to make similar deployments
  • CCI has worked to deploy the first integrated waste management system in Southern Asia in Delhi replacing landfills that emit methane with clean waste processing facilities that produce clean energy and organic fertilizers and recycle plastics, metals and paper. CCI is now working in over twenty cities from Lagos to Jakarta to Mexico City on similar projects.
  • CCI has developed models for energy efficiency retrofits of buildings that cut energy use by 30-50% and has helped retrofit scores of large commercial buildings including the Empire State Building in New York, the largest shopping centers in India and the larges department stores in Korea. It is also involved in retrofitting thousands of municipal buildings in a dozen cities from Houston to Melbourne to London, and hundreds of schools in cities from Hong Kong to Bangkok to Mexico City and public housing in New York and Toronto.
  • CCI is working with nineteen cities to deploy the infrastructure for electric vehicles and to organize municipal purchases of electric cars, and it is working with several cities in Latin America to replace diesel buses with hybrids.
  • CCI is involved in projects to protect forests in Indonesia, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Guyana and to replant forests in Kenya.
  • CCI is working with governments in India, South Africa, Morocco and Australia to deploy the first large scale solar power parks in the world.

White House
From January 1993 through December 1998, Mr. Magaziner served as Senior Advisor to President Clinton for Policy Development at the White House.
In this capacity, he supervised the development and implementation of the administration’s policy for commercialization of the Internet. This included developing the policy for and leading the international negotiations that formed the global framework for electronic commerce. It also included overseeing the creation of ICANN, the international body that supervises the technical governance of the internet, and overseeing the development and passage (in cooperation with bipartisan coalitions in Congress) of legislation that kept the internet free of taxes and tariffs and unnecessary regulation while protecting privacy, security and intellectual property.
Read Mr. Magaziner’s Patriotic Exercises speech. Click on the link: 2012 Patriotic Speech Mr. Magaziner also worked with then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on the development of the President’s Health Reform Initiative. He supervised the day to day workings of the task force that developed the President’s health reform policy and participated in the negotiation process to enact the proposal. While this effort was unsuccessful during the Clinton administration, many of the policies developed by this initiative were incorporated in the recent health reforms enacted by President Obama and the US Congress.
Mr. Magaziner also chaired a White House National Economic Council Initiative to increase US exports and served as a member of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

Strategy Consulting
Mr. Magaziner is also president of SJS Inc. a strategy consulting firm. Prior to his White House appointment, Mr. Magaziner was one of America’s most successful corporate strategists, building two successful corporate strategy consulting firms and assisting major corporations in developing their business strategies. His clients included the chairmen and CEO’s of leading corporations in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. He also assisted governments in Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the development of their long-term economic development strategies. Prior to forming his own companies, he worked in Boston, London and Tokyo for the Boston Consulting Group.

Other Activities

  • Mr. Magaziner also served as co-chairman of the National Commission on Skills of the American Workforce co-authoring the landmark report “America’s Choice – High Skills or Low Wages.” The report advocated improved, measurable standards for American elementary and secondary schools and an enhanced post secondary vocational curriculum – linking high schools, community colleges and businesses – to improve job opportunities for students not attending four year colleges after high school graduation..
  • During the 1980s, Mr. Magaziner led a number of initiatives in Rhode Island including Aging 2000, the Rhode Island Skills Commission, the Greenhouse Compact Commission, and Needs for the 90s, a project of the United Way of Rhode Island.
  • Mr. Magaziner has co-authored three books, one with former Labor Secretary Robert Reich called “Minding America’s Business” one with journalist Mark Patinkin called “The Silent War, Inside the Global Business Battles Shaping America’s Future,” and one with Thomas Hout called “Japanese Industrial Policy.”
  • Mr. Magaziner graduated in 1969 as valedictorian from Brown University and attended Balliol College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He has received honorary doctorate degrees from several universities.
  • Mr. Magaziner has served on the boards of numerous charitable and educational organizations nationally and in his home state of Rhode Island including Save the Bay, The International Institute of Rhode Island, The Alliance for Better Nursing Home Care, and Brown University.


Mr. Magaziner lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his wife Suzanne. They have three children, Seth, Jonathan and Sarah.

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