2009 Chief Marshal

Meet the Chief Marshals for the 224th 4th of July Celebration

Joseph Coelho Sr. and Joseph Coelho Jr.

Our Chief Marshal for the 224th Bristol Fourth of July Celebration was born in Rehoboth, MA and has lived in Bristol for the past 60 years and attended Bristol schools. He also attended New England Tractor Trailer School.

He began his career in the 1950’s at the White Rail as groundskeeper and horse attendant. In the early 1960’s he worked for Monroe Dairy and Smith’s. In the mid-1960’s he worked in the shipping department and as a machine operator at Kaiser. From 1967 thru 1971, he worked as a Contsruction Foreman with his brother’s business.

Photo: General Chairman David Burns (right) with Chief Marshal’s Joseph Coehlo, Sr. and Joseph Coelho, Jr.

In 1981 he and his son started a new business, which his son still operates today and in 1998 he started his own realty company. He retired from the family business in 1998.

His community involvement in Bristol includes past member of the Bristol Rotary Club and the Dreadnaught Fire Station, Engine 4. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Prince Henry Club of RI, Bristol High School Boosters Club and St. Elizabeth’s Holy Ghost Club. In 1990 he served as Mordomo of the Holy Ghost Feast of St. Elizabeth’s Church where he is a communicant. He was also past Treasurer of the RI Disposal Contractors Association. He is a member of Montaup Country Club and enjoys his trips to Aruba with his wife.

He was born on December 25, 1941. He will soon celebrate 50 years of marrage. He is the father of one, grandfather of 3 and great-
grandfather of one.

Our 2nd Chief Marshal for the 224th Bristol Fourth of July Celebration is a native Bristolian and a 1978 graduate of Bristol High School. He was a member DECA and a member of the Bristol Wrestling Club.

He has worked with his father from the age of 11. He worked weekends and after school to help out. At the age of 17, while a senior in high school, he took the reigns of the family business after his father suffered a serious injury. His strong-will and determination helped his family and the family business, as his mother tended to his fathers care.

In 1981, he and his father started a new family business. In 1984 the disposal business was sold and he went to work for Marcea Brothers in Johnston, where he lead the transition team and was the Assistant Sales Manager. As they were expanding the family business, he continued to work both jobs until 1985. In late 1985 he applied to the Public Utilities and Carriers to become a certified towing company and presently certified Intrastate Transportation of Dry Freight and the transportation of boats and/or transport of items requiring special handling. The company currently services motor clubs such as AAA of Southern New England and Allstate Motor Club. Today, they tow for RI State Police, the Bristol Police and the Department of Environmental Management. In 1992, as he saw another need in the community, and he started Sensible Car Rental of Bristol.

In 1992, when commercial driver’s license laws were beginning, he organized classes of truck drivers to get their CDL license. He coordinated with the State of RI to send an instructor to Bristol to meet with drivers, teach the required CDL courses and administer the CDL test. As a result, over 100 local truck drivers benefited from his efforts.

He is a Wreckmaster certified level 2/3 and is TRAA Level 1 certified. He has a CDL license Class A and a State inspector of light cars and heavy-duty trucks.

His community involvement in Bristol includes past member of the Bristol Rotary Club and the Dreadnaught Fire Station, Ladder 1. He was on the Bristol/Warren Schools Building subcommittee, East Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Auto Body Association of Rhode Island. He is also Past Treasurer of the RI Towing Association. He is presently the Vice President of the RI Towing Association and is currently working on legislation regarding the towing industry. He is on the Advisory Board for the State of Rhode Island Division of Public Ulilties. He is a past member of the Bristol Youth Wrestling Club. He is the sponsor of the Bristol Police Department DARE car. He organized the fundraiser for Daniel Steinberg, a tow truck driver killed on the highway. Over 80 tow companies participated.

In 1990 he was Mordomo of the Holy Ghost Feast of St. Elizabeth’s Church where he is a communicant.

He was born on January 11, 1960. He has been married for 29 years, has 3 children and is the grandfather of 1

I’d like to read a quote from French philosopher Albert Schweitzer: “You must give some time to your fellow men. Even if it’s a little thing, do something for others – something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.”

Joseph, Sr. taught his son the value of family and a commitment to business and community. Joe, Jr. payed attention to the importance of these values. Both have sacrificed a lot of himself to ensure that family and the family business have held together.

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry. – William Shakespeare

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor and privilege for me to introduce the 2009 Chief Marshal’s of the Bristol Fourth of July Celebration, father and son, Joseph Coelho, Sr. and Joseph Coelho Jr.


Chief of Staff

Richard C. Sousa
Dorothy A. Coelho
Anthony Januario
Celeste Coelho

Chief Aides

Anthony Avila
Joseph Brayton
Mallory Coelho
Raymond Coelho
Ryan Coelho
Stephen Coelho
Joseph Farmer
Michael Iacovelli
Eric Krushnowski
Dennis Royal
Elizabeth Vargas

Military Aides

Capt. David Allen
Mr. Andrew Calise
Lt. Col., Kenneth DaSilva
2nd Lt. Brendan Hewett
Mr. Peter Hewett
Mr. John McBride
LTC Daniel Pugh
Mr. Robert Pugh
Mr. Todd Pugh
Captain James Robbins

Civilian Aides

Courtney Anderson
Anthony Avila III
Elsie Avila
Heather Avila
Erin Babbitt
Michael Bianco
Deborah Bosse
Maurice Bosse
Gilbert Botelho
Ann Branco
Joanne Brayton
Kayla Brownell
Mark Brownell
Deborah Burns
Aida Cabral
Louis Cabral
Marc Cabral
Sara Cabral
Cindy Carreiro
Nancy Coelho
David Delemater
Anne DaSilva
Peggy DeLuca
Elizah Framer
Hannah Farmer
Pamela Farmer
Sr. Norma Fleming
Nick Franco
Ferdinand Goulart
Antonio Grilo
Lyndsay Grilo
Susan Grilo
Elizabeth Harvey
Eileen Hewett
Jan Iocovelli
Mary Ellen Januario
Carol Krushnowski
Daniel Lapointe
Donna Lapointe
Jeanne Lapointe

Civilian Aides

Noreen Lapointe
Philip Lapointe
Richard Lapointe
William Lapointe
Andrew Levinson
Nora Levinson
Stephanie Avila
John Lopes
Richard Medeiros
Marjorie McBride
Donna McKenna
Robert McKenna
Robert Pattie
Marilyn Pellerin
Glenda Pugh
Barbara Royal
Richard Ruggiero
Sandy Ruggiero
Deborah Silva
Donnie Silva
Holly Silva
John Silva
Juv Silva
Kerri Silva
Cory Sousa
Francine Sousa
Lillian Sousa
Richard Sousa, Jr.
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Tracey Sousa
Raul Tavares
Betty Ann Walpole
Ronald Walpole
Elizabeth Waters
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Manuel Vargas